Our Materials

Choosing between organic or mineral 

The choice of material, whether organic or mineral, will depend on wearers’ visual correction and their activities (leisure, sport, etc.). BBGR Ghanada offers each type of lens in the following materials :

  • organic: allows for the creation of light and impact-resistant lenses. According to the various kinds of organic material used, lenses can also be very thin. Moreover, they can be used in all kinds of frames.
  • mineral: mineral lenses are very hard and do not scratch easily, making maintenance extremely easy. This resilience allows them to be worn in extreme conditions. But they are made of glass, and are therefore more fragile. They are also heavier, which makes them less comfortable to wear.

Choosing the right index

The effect of index, constringence, UV blocking and mass are the principal factors which must be taken into account when choosing glasses.


BBGR Ghanada offers a diverse range of integrated solutions to satisfy your most demanding customers:

  • 1.5 index: the benefits of organic lenses at an attractive price
  • High indices: reference organic material for thinner and lighter lenses
  • Ultra-high indices: increased comfort and aesthetics for all corrections