About Ghanada

The Ghanada brand was established in the year 1993 in Abu Dhabi and has grown to become the leading optical lens surfacing laboratory and a major distributor of ophthalmic lenses across the region. Over the years, many attributes have become attached to the brand – trust, loyalty, integrity, soundness and credibility. As the market dynamics evolve at a rapid pace, the brand has taken a proactive stance not just to sustain the growth, but to lead the business across the region and beyond.

The Ghanada story continues, adding a confident new colour and a dynamic character with a clear vision and better foresight.

Clear vision. Better foresight.

The brand essence is the heart and soul of the brand – simple, attainable and enduring.The Ghanada brand essence clearly defines what brand Ghanada means to our consumers, our suppliers, and us – the brand custodians. It effectively combines the business attributes and the functional benefits that will eventually deliver the emotional benefits to the customer. Even as advertising campaigns of the Ghanada brand changes over time, from country to country, the brand essence, like a person’s character, will largely remain unchanged.

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