About BBGR

A rich history

BBGR has over 160 years’ experience and was founded by the merger of two optical companies in France.

In 1846 Louis Berthiot created one of the first lens coating factories in the world. Located at Sézanne in France, this factory is now the industrial site of BBGR for the manufacture of semi-finished organic (reading) lenses.

In 1848 GR was founded by a group of labourers. This company, which specialised in the manufacture of mineral lenses, rapidly developed as Guilbert Routit. Located at Provins in France, the site is now BBGR’s biggest manufacturing centre for optical lenses.


With more than 2,350 employees in 14 countries and an international network of exclusive distributors, BBGR pursues the same goal everywhere: increasing quality and professionalism to provide greater satisfaction for each customer.




Today, BBGR still represents quality & professionalism

BBGR makes all types of lens, which is why it invests in the development of comprehensive industrial and technological facilities.

The ongoing changes that are inherent in the work of opticians often lead us to seek their  help in understanding needs and responding as best we can. The products, technologies and methods used are continually tested with the aim of constant quality.

A gradual and coherent European presence respecting the strengths and particularities of each group, along with robust industrial and technical facilities = these are the ingredients that make the BBGR network a point of reference in Europe improvement: Permanent visual system studies, perfect control of optical calculations, gateway testing during design and before marketing.


For more information about BBGR, please visit www.bbgr.com